GVHSS Mundakayam

Mundakayom 2
Mundakayom 1

The total cost for modernizing this school is expected to be Rs. 5 crore. A new block of G+2 for the higher secondary department is being constructed, as the existing one is worn out, and could not be utilized or converted into a fully functioning building as per the general standard planned by the Government of Kerala. The project was launched on the 2nd of January, 2019 and even with considering the slowdown in construction due to the lockdowns imposed by the Government of India and Kerala in varying degree due to the Covid pandemic, 80% of the project has been completed as of the last quarter of 2020, and the project in it’s totality, is expected to be handed over by 2021. These constructions were also designed by KITCO and the construction supervision is being done by WAPCOS.

Start Date2nd January 2019
BudgetRs. 5 crore
Project ByGovernment